Ambiance~Cocktails on a Budget

Ambiance~Cocktails on a Budget

When you are deciding on your cocktail budget, there are several options that you should consider.  When incorporating cocktails into your celebration, you can have a full bar, a limited bar, or a soft bar.  A full bar is budgeted based on per person charge OR by consumption.  If you have guests who love to party and will be enjoying the bar for the entire event, avoid the per consumption bar because this can become very costly.  If your guests drink very few cocktails, then the best use of your budget is to have a per consumption bar.  If your budget can not support a full bar, then you may want to consider having a limited bar which serves a signature cocktail (always fun and unique!) wine, and soft drinks.  You have control of your budget, but as a Professional Wedding Planner, I strongly recommend that you do NOT have a cash bar.  These are your guests, and you should entertain them graciously AND on your budget.  Good luck!  If you have any questions,  I invite you to contact me.

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