Ambiance~Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Ambiance~Wedding Flowers on a Budget

Ambiance~Wedding Flowers on a Budget    

Flowers create a visual emotional impact at your wedding celebration.  There are several ways to stretch your floral budget while creating a uniquely striking look.  Stay with seasonal and local flowers.  These blooms are readily available, come in many colors, and will be less expensive for each bloom.  Use fewer flowers by taking advantage of the fullness of greenery and fluffy blooms.  Avoid marrying during holisays such as valentines day or mothers day when flowers are in demand and the cost will be at its highest.  Cluster masses of the same color blooms to convey impact without a high pricetag. Take advantage of the natural beauty of a garden for a beautifully free dispaly of flowers.   Finally, think simplicity and elegance.  A single bloom for the bride and attendants can be stunning while stretching your budget.  Flowers will make a statement about your style as a couple~use these suggestions to get the impact while making the best use of your budget.  ~Maryann

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